Immediate Management of Anaphylaxis

Course Information

Immediate Management of Anaphylaxis (6 hours):

Session 1: Introductions

Session 2: What is anaphylaxis and the legal position on the use of adrenaline?

Session 3: Triggers

Session 4: Life threatening conditions

Session 5: Calling for help and early recognition

Session 6: Treatment of anaphylaxis

Session 7: Key features of auto – injectors

Session 8: Conducting a scene survey

Session 9: Conducting an initial assessment

Session 10: ABCDE approach

Session 11: Positioning the casualty

Session 12: Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

Session 13: Recognition of anaphylaxis and using an auto-injector

Session 14: Disposal of sharps

Session 15: Handover

Session 16: Course Closure and assessment

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