Licence Acquisition


You've probably already got an idea about the route into the industry you want to take, the job you want to do and maybe even type of work you want to specialise in.  




Category 'C' - Rigid Vehicles weighing over 7.5t


Sometimes called a 'Class 2', a rigid bodied vehicle weighing over


7.5t MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass) is where most truck drivers start.  The weight limits for these vehicles can be anything up to 32 tonnes and have a range of body types to peform a variety of different jobs.  You could drive a refrigerated vehicle delviering to stores and restaurants, a flatbed or curtainsider carrying goods in general haulage or a specialist vehicle such with fitted equipment, such as a cement mixer, crane or hookloader for the transportation of containers.


















Category 'C+E' - Vehicles weighing over 7.5t with a trailer


This truck comes in a range of shapes and sizes, often called a 'Class 1', an 'Articulated-Lorry' it's usually seen in the form of a tractor unit and trailer.


The weight limits for these vehicles are typically on the 44 tonne mark for most haulage jobs.  There are though special orders that allow transport of loads much heavier than this; heavy haulage in itself a specialist job.

To drive this vehicle you will need to complete category 'C' training first.


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